About Ambitious Systems

Hi, I'm Subhash. 👋

I have been building software systems for two decades, with a focus on architecting data-intensive, event-centric platforms from scratch.

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Why I created Ambitious Systems.

Many excellent technical books dive into aspects of building sustainable, evolutionary, data-intensive applications. But an aspiring developer starting today has no clear path to follow.

I created Ambitious Systems as a guide and a detailed reference to build reliable, scalable, and sustainable applications from fundamental concepts.

I wanted this knowledge of good architecture to be accessible to programmers starting on their software architecture and development journey.

Ambitious Systems is a Digital Garden.

This site is structured in the style of a Digital Garden. Content is much like Martin Fowler's Bliki but accessible primarily through links and get enriched over time.

If you are interested in learning about Digital Gardens, start with Maggie Appleton's definitive introduction.

Each piece of content is to be viewed as a Note, that is alive and evolving. Notes are heavily inspired by Andy Matuschak's concept of Evergreen notes: they are atomic, concept-oriented, and densely linked.

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